Saturday, November 17, 2012

Want Your eBook Copy of The Dragon Gem Signed?

I had signed up with Authorgraph, a site that allows readers to request eBook autographs from authors, a while back.  They now have this handy widget that you will see hovering on the right side of my blog page.

So, if you have any desire for a digital autograph and/or personal message, click on the Authorgraph widget below the progress bars or at the following link:

Of course, if you request an autograph, it will look like a 5 year old did the signing.   It's kind of hard to make a signature with a mouse pad.  Honestly, though, my real-life signature's not much better.

In The Forgotten King news, I'm rapidly approaching the end.  Going to finish up another chapter this weekend, and then there's just a couple closing chapters left.  Then, it's off to the proofreader (who I will probably have to pay more since I think it's going to go over the word count I quoted them).  Oh, well.

Hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend!

Brian Beam

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