Monday, October 13, 2014

Jonas Reviews - Mega Man 8

Jonas "reviews" one of his favorite Mega Man Games, Mega Man 8 while wearing his Mario costume :).


Friday, October 10, 2014

On my lack of writing . . .

So, since making it to the quarter-way mark on the first draft of the last Korin's Journal a couple of weeks ago, I literally haven't written a word.

The reason?

Everyone(except my wife, that is) in this household has had one sickness or another to the point that I'm not sure who has what or where one illness ended and the next began.  I do know I got a cold-ish thing from my older son which turned into a sinus infection, and that I got pink eye from the other.  That makes 2 of us currently on oral antibiotics, 2 on antibiotic eye drops, not to mention the various cough medicines, fever reducers, etc.   Oh, and my youngest(7 months) spiked a temp of 103.9 today at daycare.  And, on top of that, just a couple weeks ago I was diagnosed with bilateral kidney stones and diverticulosis.

Long story short, we're a sickly bunch in this house, and writing will have to wait.  I doubt anything written while on all these meds would be worth much anyway . . .

Hope everyone else is happy and healthy out there!