Wednesday, September 4, 2013

News, Reviews, Woos, and a New Muse

Hello everyone,

First off, I believe the title of this blog post just may deserve an award for "most lame attempt at cleverness through elementary rhyme scheme."  If you happen to know of any blog awards with this category, please keep me in mind.

Okay, with that out of the way, I suppose I should offer an update or two, given I haven't written a blog post in . . . *runs out of fingers* a while.

So, news.  Still chugging along on the edit/rewrite of The Dragon Gem.  Hoping to be done at the end of the month(currently at 75%).  That pushes my novelette, Alinor's Shard, into October-ish.  November's NaNoWriMo will then be dedicated to beginning the final volume of the Korin's Journal trilogy.    

I'm hoping to do some giveaways around both the re-release of The Dragon Gem and the release of Alinor's Shard, so be looking out for news about that.  I'll also be letting you know when Amazon has the updated 2nd edition of the Dragon Gem available for those who have already downloaded the original book.  In my experience, that process takes a little bit of time, but I'd rather go about the 2nd edition as an update as opposed to a separate release.  I don't expect anyone to read The Dragon Gem 2nd ed if they've read the original, but it'll be worth updating your digital copy for Janette Ramos's amazing cover art alone(though, the book's content will have a much higher level of polish). 

On to reviews!  There's a couple reviews of The Forgotten King out there.  Feel free to give them a look (warning: SPOILERS) at and at

Hmm.. and the woos(because I needed a word to rhyme, though it does kinda fit), here's the cover art for Alinor's Shard: 


And the biggest news(in my lil' ol' opinion) is the announcement of my yet-to-be-titled-sequel to 2010's highly praised Jonas Beam, coming March-ish 2014!  Or, in less confusing terms, my wife and I are expecting baby #2 next March!  Hence, a new muse :).  

Our lil' peanut

And with that, I wish everyone a wonderful week!

Brian Beam