Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just a quick update

So, for the past two weeks I have skipped putting up a book review on here.  I also probably won't be putting up preview chapters for the next two Fridays either.  Yes, I know it's lazy, but getting the Forgotten King ready for its May 10 release has taken a bit more time than I'd planned, so the next couple weeks will be 100% focused on it.

In addition, I just realized that the deadline for the Reader's Favorite Book Contest which I entered The Dragon Gem in last year is coming up on May 1st.  Since I had planned on entering this year, I really need to get the manuscript ready before then.  Thankfully, they will take it in manuscript format(Word, PDF, etc.) and not necessarily the finished ebook or printed book.

Anyway, just wanted to get that update out there.  Once I get the book out, I'll be diving into the 2nd edition of The Dragon Gem.

Hope all are doing well!

Brian Beam

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Reviews: Joe Cafe

Sunday Reviews Week 9

 Joe Cafe

Joe Cafe surprised me on so many levels, in a good way.

A grisly murder at Joe Cafe shakes up an otherwise quiet town.  We meet Michael, the police officer investigating the murder, the task sending him into a downward spiral that makes him question his life, and possibly his sanity.  The story also follows the murderer and his hostage, Sara, who gives him his first reason to consider changing his ways.  To round out the story, we have Dogan, wanting Sara back and enlisting the mob to help him do so.

Yeah, it all seems a bit crazy. And it is.  And it's incredibly fun.  Dark, gritty, and violent, but fun.

JD Mader is a master of delving into the minds of his characters, each one unique and full of inner torment. The characterization takes the forefront in Joe Cafe, though the common story between the characters will pull you along this twisted journey, making it hard to put down. What appears to be a typical crime drama or mystery in the first chapters quickly turns into something much more.

Following these characters as they are thrust into a situation that makes them question everything they've done and everything they are makes this an enjoyable read from beginning to end. You never quite know where JD Mader is going to take you in Joe Cafe, but you can be sure it is somewhere dark and twisted in the minds of this book's varied cast.

I 100% recommend Joe Cafe (unless you can't stomach a fair bit of language, violence, and a writing style that pulls no punches.) 


Joe cafe is available on Amazon.

Find out more about J.D. Mader:

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Dragon Gem 2nd Ed. Cover Art Reveal

So, even though the 2nd ed. of the Dragon Gem is a few months off(I'm hoping June/July-ish), here's the new cover that will accompany the re-edited book.  Again, when I do release the 2nd ed. this summer, it will be as an update as opposed to a re-release so that anyone who has purchased the ebook will be able to download the updated version for free(after Amazon decides to make the update available at least . . . )

Oh, and another shout out to the wonderfully talented Janette Ramos for the beautiful covers for both this and for The Forgotten King! Give her webpage and DeviantArt profile and check out some of her great artwork!

So, what does everyone think?  

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Brian Beam

Friday Preview: Chapter 3 of The Forgotten King

Well, here I am late with this again.  This may need to change to Saturday Preview . . . anyways, here's Chapter 3 of The Forgotten King: Book Two of Korin's Journal.  This chapter, along with a couple others in the first third of the book is written from a different P.O.V.