Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Useless Body Parts

So, for anyone who doesn't know, one of my birthday presents this year was appendicitis. Went in, got it taken out, had to stay an extra day because of a high white blood cell count, and am now back at home. Fun stuff. What better way to ring in the big 3-0.

 Appendectomies are fairly routine and they caught my appendicitis early, so it wasn't anything too major. Just lots of pre-op pain followed by some post-op soreness. My wife has gotten on me about how instead of focusing about recovering, I have been getting on myself about my lack of writing. You would think that surgery would be a great excuse to just lay around and write, but instead, I find the nausea and pain-med loopiness does not lend well to writing. The worst part is that I'm at a place in Book 2 of Korin's Journal that I've wanted to get to from the very beginning. It is a pivotal point in not just this story, but the series as a whole. I don't want to screw it up by thinking, "Wow, this sounds great" while on Vicodin only to look at it the next week and see that I actually just wrote a short story about bunny rabbits from Venus or something. 

Complaints aside, I have officially started on a couple other writing projects as I work on Book 2 of Korin's Journal. I have some ideas I am really loving, so I hope something comes out of them. Anyway, if any of this came across as whiny, feel free to hunt me down and give me a good smack and say "Shape up, wuss!" or something along those lines.

 Have a great week, everyone!

 Brian Beam

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