Sunday, July 22, 2012

Book 2 Excerpt

Here's a (very)small excerpt from Book 2 of Korin's Journal to A) prove that I'm actually working on it and B) prove that some answers about Korin's past will finally be revealed in this book.  I had to reword the first sentence to avoid a major spoiler from The Dragon Gem.  I'm still a long ways from finishing the story and even further from having it fully edited and ready for publishing(still shooting for Dec 2012 release if possible).  If anyone is interested, I would love to put up more excerpts every now and then just to give clues as to what to look forward to in this book.  Maybe I'll reveal the title one of these days too :-P Enjoy!

Brian Beam

Max stared solemnly across the waters..  “You know, a part of me thought I would never tell you all of this.  There was a time when I lost hope, when I truly believed that my life would be spent watching you grow up on that farm.”  He shook his head and looked up at me.  “I must start this with a heartfelt apology.”
I licked my dry lips to work up some moisture.  My nerves had dried out my mouth.  “It’s okay, Max.”
“No,” he replied, staring back out across the lake.  “I told you before that it was for your own good.  When I really think about it, it was actually more for my own.”  He paused for a moment.  The chilly breeze picked up as if to prod him to speak.  “I just ask that you allow me to speak this out.  I know you will have questions, but I just ask that they wait.”

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