Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Scoop 2/9/2014

This week's update on my writing is fairly pathetic, sorry to say.  I'm up to 17,356 words on Book 3 of Korin's Journal, and just finished the chapter I was working on during my last update.  Other than that, I didn't work on anything writing related at all this week.  There were lots of factors involved in my lack of progress, but first and foremost, I really just couldn't find the motivation I needed last week.

I really hope this week goes better on the writing front.  I'm excited to introduce a certain character in this next chapter.  As it is now, things aren't looking good for Korin at the moment.  Going into Chapter 6, Korin is facing death at the hands of those who should be his allies.  I'd explain, but that would give too much away.  

As for other news, my book signing's coming up quick!  In two weeks I'll be signing copies of all three of my books at the Literary Bookpost, an independent bookstore here in Salisbury, NC . . . well, assuming I actually sell something to sign. In all truthfulness, I have no idea what to expect with this signing.  If nothing else, there are worse ways to spend two hours than in an awesome local bookstore.  The book signing will be from 11-1.

My Goodreads Alinor's Shard Giveaway is still up until the end of February.  There's 2 copies of Alinor's Shard available to win!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

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Alinor's Shard

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Also, be sure to check out Justin Dockins giveaway for his debut fantasy novel, Tales of the Bodhisattva: The Khurran.  I'm currently reading it and have been very impressed with it so far.  Enter to win at

My fundraising for St. Jude through the North Carolina Warrior Dash is ridiculously close to its goal!  $25 is all I need to meet my $300 goal, so please check out my fundraising page and consider making a donation to this awesome organization.  Plus, you could win signed copies of my books, getting your name in Book 3 of Korin's Journal, and more!  Click on the image below to go to my personal fundraising page.   Your donation could make a big difference in the lives of children receiving treatment at St. Jude Children's Reseach Hospital.

Here's hoping I have better luck on my progress on Book 3 of Korin's Journal and starting on the short story I mentioned last week.  

Brian Beam


  1. Thanks for the shout-out my friend! Good luck with your book signing in Salisbury. Do you have a special pen for the event?

    1. No problem! And honestly, I'll be lucky if I even remember to bring a pen. As long as I remember the books . . .