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Sunday Scoop - 2/2/2014

Hello all,

I'm hoping to start blogging more (yeah, I've said that before . . . and more than once), and I'm considering starting a daily or every other day blog post with the whole day-of-the-week theme thing.  Now, until I work out some time to hammer out a couple, as well as come up with a good idea of what I want these themes to be, I'm going to start with what I'll call the Sunday Scoop.   And sorry, it doesn't have anything to do with ice cream . . . mmm, ice cream.

Nope, not going to get distracted!

Anyway, the Sunday Scoop will just act as a snapshot of where I am in writing projects, and will basically take you through what I do - or in many cases, don't do - from week to week.  So, here goes!

Sunday Scoop 2/2/2014

Book 3 of Korin's Journal officially stands at 14,505 words.  I've got the book named, but in order to give myself the freedom to change it without question and to avoid giving away the major focus of this concluding volume, I'm keeping it secret for now.

Currently, I'm in the middle of chapter 5, thus far untitled.  The current scene finds a nearly naked Korin alone, and breaking out of a prison in a foreign land.  His arm's dislocated, he's covered in blood, he only has a stolen sword to protect himself, and he has found himself effectively trapped in a large chamber full of locked doors.  There's a lot of strange things going on already - Korin has no idea who abducted him, offensive spells are deflecting away from him before they strike, and one of those closest to him has seemingly betrayed him.  Has he truly been betrayed? If not, why has the seeming backstabber made it clear they are trying to halt his escape?  Will he be able to escape the several dozen armored men who just entered the room and surrounded him?  Hint for that last question- Yes(come on, it's Korin's journal, for crying out loud, not "Korin's Journal for the Most Part but Finished by Someone Else After Korin's Untimely Death").

I'm really excited about finishing this chapter, solely because of a new character that will be introduced in the next chapter, one who will truly shake up Korin's world.  I've got a fun idea for their first interaction if I can pull it off.  Hopefully I'll be done, or far into this next chapter by next Sunday.

Alinor's Shard still has a giveaway listed on Goodreads that goes until Feb. 28.  There's 2 print copies available to be won, so check it out at

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I'm hoping to start into a short story for fellow indie writer, S.W. Sondheimer, for a collection she is putting together to raise money and awareness for Bikers Against Child Abuse called Zombies Against Child Abuse. Finding time's going to be the only potential issue, but I have the story in mind, and it would introduce a character I'd hopefully use later for an idea I have for a stand-alone fantasy novel.

I'm still collecting money for St.Jude for the North Carolina Warrior Dash I'm doing in May.  Your donations will not only help sick kids receive the care they need for no cost and help support the research of treating deadly diseases in children, but will also earn you entries to win signed copies or free Kindle downloads of my books, or possibly even get your name as a major character in Book 3 of Korin's Journal.  Any donation of $10 or more will get your name in the acknowledgements of Book 3.  I'm up to $225 of my $300 goal, so please check it out and consider donating to this worthy cause if you have the means at

That's all I've got for now.  Next time I'll hopefully have some ideas for ongoing blog features.  Thanks for reading!

Brian Beam

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