Sunday, September 9, 2012

Progress Bars!

For anyone interested in my progress for Book 2 of Korin's Journal(which admittedly has and will be moving at a slower pace for a while), I have now included a progress bar on the lower left hand side of the page here.  Notice that I have progress bars for two other current projects as well.  Those will definitely be moving at a snail's pace(or slower), but are both projects that I am 100% invested in completing and releasing at some point(more details to come later).  Since I do not fully outline my writing, the percentages are solely estimations, but will still be a good indicator of where I stand on them.

I have just wrapped up the first draft of Chapter 37 of Book 2 of Korin's Journal and am about to get to all kinds of excitement, revelations, and a healthy dose of action.  Someone(s) may even die(gasp!)  Or...maybe I'm just messing with you .  You'll just have to wait and find out ;).

Have a great week, everyone.

Until next time,

Brian Beam

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