Friday, September 7, 2012

National Buy A Book Day: Part 2

Well, it's National Buy a Book Day in which book lovers are encouraged to go out to their local bookstore(independent or long as it's a BOOKSTORE and not Wal-mart or something) and buy a full priced book to support bookstores, publishers, and authors.  Bookstores, especially independent ones, are struggling in an age of Kindles, Nooks, iPads, and low-priced online retailers, so I fully support this concept.

Today, me and my 22 month old son  to Literary Bookpost, a local independent bookstore here in Salisbury, NC(  First of all, I was thoroughly impressed by what they had to offer and their support of indie and local authors.  That, and they had a slide in the kid's section that Jonas focused all his attention on...even though he has the exact same slide at home.

Anyway, I picked up a book called Not So Random from local author, N.J. Simpson ( though it's outside my preferred genres.  I also got Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians, the first in a children's series by my favorite author, Brandon Sanderson.  At night, my son actually likes having books without pictures read to him, so I'm going to use it to introduce him to Brandon Sanderson's genius early on :).  Lastly, I got Jonas a picture book called Dragons Love Tacos, because, come on, who doesn't?

 My National Buy A Book Day Haul

Jonas Loves Dragons Love Tacos

If you haven't gone out to support your local bookstore today, I encourage you to do so if you love books.  And, continue to do so through the year, because they are offering something that if taken away, would be truly be missed.  I would hate to see a future in which my son, or my son's children, could not enjoy the experience of a bookstore.  

Thanks for reading and supporting your local bookstore!

Brian Beam


  1. So cute! I'm sure Jonas will love the book but we'll see if it's better than Sir Knight and George.

    1. It'll totally give it a run for its money. I was unaware that dragons both love tacos and detest spicy salsa.

  2. Jonas is so adorable. And reading already, too. lol

    1. Thanks :). He absolutely loves his books.