Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Warrior Wednesday 07/02/2014 - Ridiculous Racing

This past weekend I participated in the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge(ROC) race for its Concord, NC stop.  If you haven't heard of this race, it's like the insanely popular mud runs minus the mud.  The ROC website calls it "The original game show inspired obstacle run.  Most of the obstacles take place on giant inflatables, kind of like one of those children's bouncy-house type places for adults.  For a big kid like me, who happens to love running and obstacle races as well, it was ridiculously awesome.   I got some good video of my run with my GoPro.  Before I get to the video part, though, I'd like to discuss something.

I'd like to point out that the race was not timed.  More and more of these obstacle races are steering clear of timing as the number of non-runners increases every year, making these races more about having fun than trying to place, or set a personal best time.  Honestly, I think the non-timing aspect on these is awesome.  I do love to be timed and to compare my own times from race to race, but I love seeing people of all ages and fitness levels participate and have fun doing so even more.

Some people need a little push to set them on the right track for a healthy lifestyle, and looking at these obstacle races as a social, almost party-like event may just do the trick.  These races will have you pushing yourself in some way you're not used to, whether the general length of the race, or an obstacle that takes you out of your comfort zone.  Really, obstacle races are learning tools, providing a bit of self-realization on what you are truly capable of.

For example, when I arrived at the rope-swing obstacle(kinda like Tarzan), there was a slightly older woman paused at the rope, clearly uncertain about attempting to swing from one platform to another.  Self-doubt took hold and she turned away from the rope, starting to step off the obstacle to walk around it(no obstacle is ever mandatory in these races).  Then, one of the workers posted at the obstacle told her "You can do this.  If I can do it, you can do it."  Those two simple sentences turned that woman around, and she did it.  I bet she felt pretty damn good afterward too.  If I'd paid better attention, I'd have made sure to give her a high five on my way past(sounds lame, but when you do something to feel good about yourself that is recognized from the outside, high five's take on a whole new emotional meaning).

Anyway, the point is, she did it.  And you know what?  You can too.

All right, now here's the videos of my run as promised.  Click HERE for the highlights of the race(primarily obstacles and a guest appearance of the two most awesome boys in the world at the end), or HERE for the raw footage of my entire run.  Or you can simply click on the embedded videos below.  I recommend just checking out the highlights video.  It's much less boring and has music from Cincinnati, Ohio's Pluto Revolts, an awesome indie band worth a listen.

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