Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Top-Ten Tuesday - Top 10 Candies

Okay, so making a top ten list of my favorite candy selections may seem a bit lame, as well as a bit of a cop-out in terms of time to throw together.  The thing is, last week I had a pathetic imitation of my favorite candy of all time(see #1 on the list), and this will give me the chance to rant about a problem about one of my other favorites(a recent change that was made to it) since my wife is probably tired of hearing me talk about it every time I almost pick up a pack.

Anyway, this list is mostly candy bars, and you will quickly see that I don't list any specialty/gourmet type candies(with one exception . . . kind of).  The reason is, the only time I get things like that is at local candy stores, not chains(like Godiva), and they're not as easily classified as the branded candy I've listed below(definitely with one exception this time).  You'll also see a few seasonal items.  I'm not sure if the fact that they're seasonal has anything to do with my love for them, but when I think of my favorite candy, they're always in my mind.

On to my top ten candies!

*Note* This list will momentarily change during the month of October ;)

10. Skittles

Here it is, the object of my previously mentioned rant.  At what point did the Mars company decide that switching out lime for green apple was a good idea?!  Now, maybe today's youth prefer sour, thus the green apple switch, but come on!  And worst of all, they have the gall to label them as "Original" still.  Pshaw.  

9. Butterfinger

The ranking for this one may be a bit inflated due to the fact that my wife hates them, and therefore we don't have them laying around the house often.

8. Milk Duds


I will eat these until I get sick.  And then I will eat more.  That is all.

7. Cadbury Mini Eggs

The same as what I said for Milk Duds applies here as well.  I have an unopened bag of these from a post-Easter candy purchase that remain unopened.  Once that Pandora's Box of a bag is open, they will be gone, my stomach will ache, and then I'll have to start counting the days to when they put out next Easter's candy . . . though at the rate grocery stores are going, that may be next month.  I have seen a more recent Christmas version of these, and while it doesn't seem right, it does seem delicious.

6. Peanut Butter M&Ms

M&M's with peanut butter inside.  Need I say more?

5. Cadbury Creme Eggs

There's just something about the creamy Cadbury chocolate, and gritty, sugary inside of this egg that is pure candy delight.  Once confined to the annual Easter offering, there's also been Halloween Cadbury Screme Eggs in recent years.  Yes, there have been varieties such as caramel and chocolate ones, but nothing beats the original flavor for me.

4. Starbursts

Take one Starburst of every classic flavor(Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon, and Orange), shove them all into your mouth at once, and you'll have your new #4(or better) candy.  Then feel free to tell me I eat my candy like a little kid.  Be warned, repeated episodes of such flavor mixing may lead to diabetes.

3. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

The only reason this isn't number two is that for 3-4 times a year, there is a far better alternative(in my opinion).  

2 Reese's Peanut Butter Cup(holiday assortment specific)

 Maybe it's the different ratio of peanut butter to chocolate, or maybe it's just the spirit of the holidays, but holiday-themed Reeses cups are pure peanut butter and chocolate perfection.  Whether shaped as trees, hearts, pumpkins, or whatever, these top the classic cups for me anyday.

1. Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears

When I tell people that this is my favorite candy, they always think it seems strange until they taste them.  I've converted quite a few to the delectable delight of chocolate covered gummy bears over the years.  However, there is a catch with these.  You may see items such as "Muddy Bears" at your local grocery, or random store brands(bought some at Walgreens most recently) that seem to be the same thing.  Alas, they are not.  The only place you can get these are either your local candy store, or from that candy store chain that seems to be in 9/10 of the malls that still exist.  These have some basic flavor that blends perfectly with the chocolate, where many other offerings have all the different gummy bear flavors, and let me tell you, they don't all go well with chocolate.  Trust me; if you see these, buy them.  I'll take any leftovers if you don't like 'em!


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