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The Dragon Gem: Chapter Two Commentary

Commentary from The Dragon Gem Chapter 2 - Counts and Contracts


-This chapter introduces Galius Firmon, the count that employed Korin to find a stolen gem.  Originally, he was going to play a much larger role as a villain when I still thought of Korin's Journal as a series of novellas. His reason for wanting his stolen gem returned so badly was because he planned to use it to blackmail the dragons into helping him take rule over the entire kingdom. In this version of the story, dragons were not banished, but were an endangered species who Galius assumed would do anything for the gem.  Not only did I make major changes when the idea for a trilogy coalesced, but I though that the story was a bit weak.

-Two details foreshadow the gem's power that is revealed later on.  The first is that Galius, a completely detestable man, was elected to his position.  Despite Byweather being full of corrupt politicians, the fact that Galius, basically a whiny child in a man's body, was elected indicates that there is something else behind his position.  The second is that Galius's thugs leave him to work for a man with lower political rank.  Such an action would be unheard of in a city where money and power is everything.  Later on, these two events can be linked to Galius's loss of the gem.


-After the lighthearted feel of the first chapter(if a tavern brawl is lighthearted . . . ), I wanted to ensure with this chapter that the reader realizes just how much Korin has at risk.  Korin is not some super human.  He is vulnerable and the stakes he faces are high.

-Korin's nicknaming Galius's thugs Thug One and Thug Two is a not-so-subtle reference to Thing One and Thing Two from The Cat in the Hat :).

-If you find it strange that Korin can remember the details he does of his birth parents when he'd only seen them as an infant, you'll get your explanation at the end of The Forgotten King.

Okay, so I feel like there's a few more points I wanted to make, but given my mind isn't completely back to reality yet(just coming off a vacation), it's not coming to me.  Maybe they'll get thrown in with the next chapter.

As of now, I'm projecting a late Aug/early Sept release for The Dragon Gem 2nd Edition.  Afterwards, I plan on releasing a novelette in September that has some awesome things in the works for it.  I'll share more soon, I promise!  I'm really excited about it, though, and can't wait to share!

Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there and to all the mothers who fill the same role!

Brian Beam

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