Monday, May 20, 2013

The Dragon Gem 2nd Ed . . . A Work In Progress

Well, I've gotten the edit/partial rewrite of The Dragon Gem up to 13% over the weekend.  That may just be a result of my wife and son being on a trip to our home state to visit family.  A pesky little thing called work has kept me rooted here at home.  Apparently teaching would have been a better field to go into, a point that I will continue to have driven into my mind over the next three months of my wife's summer break.

Back to The Dragon Gem.  So one thing I'm trying to do with this edit is decrease the chapter length.  Case in point, I'm up to Chapter 7 which actually begins with the original book's Chapter 4 midpoint.  Did that make any sense?  I'm tired enough to not be able to tell.  The point is, I've added 3 chapters to the book's total and I'm only 13% in.  I believe this version will flow much better with this change.

This will be the only book I ever do this with.  Being the first book I ever released, I was a tad naive and a little careless(or a lot naive and ridiculously careless).   Again, this will be a free update for anyone who has already downloaded The Dragon Gem, so it's not some underhanded way to try to get people to buy my book twice.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  As for me, back to editing!

Brian Beam

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