Monday, April 30, 2012


Alright, so Book 2 of Korin's Journal (title still under wraps) is progressing a little quicker than I had thought.  The downside is that it's also looking like it may end up quite a bit longer than I had planned.  I've already made several changes to the story that have led to extra chapters(characters who have ended up having bigger roles, etc.).

Anyway, I'm happy how things are turning out so far, even if I've been concerned about a couple key characters that readers have seemed to enjoy having been mostly left out thus far.  So far, this book has had a slightly darker tone and I'm putting Korin through some heavy stuff right now.  Poor guy.  As a writer, you tend to empathize with your characters, and I feel pretty darn bad for the guy.  Thankfully his next chapter will open with a bit of humor to get him out of the dark place his mind is in right now.

I'm going to take full advantage of remaining a stay at home dad over the next few months to get a good chunk of this book done.  Sometime in Aug/Sep I'll be back in the real world making money and whatnot(apparently that's an important thing to have in order to  live and whatnot).

As I get more(if any) followers to the blog, I would love to post a couple chapters and maybe my word count progress over the summer for any who are interested.

Hope everyone's doing well out there!

Brian Beam

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