Sunday, December 29, 2013

Alinor's Shard Excerpt

Here's a small excerpt from Alinor's Shard.  This is only Section 1(in a Word document), but you can also read part of Section 2 if you click on Look Inside on the Amazon book page.


  1. This was a great story! I would definitely like to read more of your stuff. I left a review on Amazon under the name BlackBear.
    I just released my first fantasy novel, with hopes to turn it into a series. Here's the link:

    If you'd like to check out the first chapter, it's on my website:

    Best wishes!

    1. Hey, Justin Thanks for giving Alinor's Shard a chance and taking the time to write the great review. I truly appreciate your feedback! I just picked up a copy of your book. It'll probably take me some time to get to it and to get through it, but it definitely looks good.

      From your author bio on Amazon, it appears congrats are in order for your baby to be. I, too, am expecting (baby #2 for me) on 3/15, and am currently a nurse. In other words. So from one expecting father/indie fantasy author/nurse to another, best wishes!

  2. Brian, thanks for your support! I hope you enjoy the book. Congrats to you on your 2nd little one, too. It's great to get in touch with other expecting father/indie fantasy author/nurses out there!