Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Dragon Gem: Chapter Four Commentary

Alright, Chapter 4 of the Dragon Gem, How I Met My Magic Talking Wizard Cat(an obvious play off a popular sitcom you may or may not have heard of) further introduces the character of Max, my absolute favorite character to write.

*Possible Spoilers*

I had several goals for Max's purpose in the series.  If you have already read the current edition of The Dragon Gem and/or The Forgotten King, you know he plays a MASSIVE role in the story.  Aside from plotting aspects, though, Max serves many functions.  He balances Korin's impulsiveness,  helps keep Korin grounded(and generally just lets him know when he's being stupid), provides comic relief, adds a bit of mystery to the story, and kicks some ass when warranted.  And honestly, being a tad sarcastic myself, I absolutely love writing his dialogue.  Max doesn't care what anyone else thinks, pretty much always believes he is right, and has very little patience for stupidity(of which his standards on intelligence are a bit unrealistic). 

For anyone wanting to know why I chose for him to be a cat(all zero of you), it's because I like cats :-P

*Definite, MAJOR Spoiler*

And, as for his real name, he's named after my son.

*End MAJOR Spoiler*

So, usually I make a list of fun facts about the chapters, but this chapter really just serves as an introduction to Max and Korin's history together. Progress is going well on the rewrite, and I hope to have it out by mid-Septemberish(finger's crossed). 

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