Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Reviews: Twisted Souls

Sunday Reviews Week 7

 Twisted Souls

Twisted Souls is an amazing supernatural/suspense/mystery by N. Lee Parish that reeled me in from the beginning and didn't want to let go.

The story starts with a man named Adam on his way to meet his brother and sister to settle up on how to take care of their recently deceased mother's estate.  However, on the way to meet them, Adam finds himself in unfamiliar surroundings on a road he's been down many times before.  Thinking himself lost, Adam pulls down a road leading to a town called Appelton. Appelton, as the book's blurb states, is "A town that Adam would soon discover he couldn't leave.  Ever." 

Now, I don't want to give away any of the brilliantly crafted plot, so I'm going to have to just leave it at that and just say that the trip into Appelton is definitely worth your time.  The atmosphere of Twisted Souls draws you in and traps you in much the same way that Appelton does to Adam.  The town is full of intriguing characters, each a little spooky in their own right.  The town itself is its own character, full of mystery, charm, and good old fashioned creepiness. 

Honestly, at first I thought I knew exactly where Twisted Souls was going, only to have the rug pulled from under me a half dozen times or so.  The mystery builds, layer upon layer, leaving you wondering what is real and what isn't.  Are the townsfolk of Appelton benevolent or sinister?  Why was Adam drawn to Appelton?  Will he ever escape, or is his fate tied in with the mysterious town?

N. Lee Parish has really created a unique story with Twisted Souls, one full of interesting characters and unexpected plot twists.  This is a fairly short novel, and given you won't want to put it down, you'll find yourself at the end before you know it, wishing you could have spent a little more time in Appelton. 


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